Everyone knows that hundreds of years ago There was an evil necromancer that came from the east conquering all of the continent that is Edonia currently. This Necromancer was known only as Sculdophene. He came from beyond the borders in the wild lands and hoped to cross the land spreading plague and diseases. As the people died he would bring them back with foul black magic. Soon he enacted this on the east lands and amassed an army; it seemed he could not be stopped.

Edonia was not as well developed as it is today the port of elder crest had barely been established and only scarce populations of farmers and towns existed. When word swept across the land that the necromancer was pushing out to the sea many fled. But those who could not pay their way aboard the vessels from the port of elder crest were to be given refuge in the Dwarven hold of Sterkreach. Hundreds of thousands made their way to the castle built in the mountain, but just as many thought their plight was over and they had found refuge with the Dwarven brethren, the keep was destroyed from the inside by a massive explosion the likes of which has never been recorded. It destroyed the very mountain that the keep was home to.

The single peek of Mount Mingol was split in two creating the two renamed mountains Umgak and Baraz, This was the foul deed of the kings consorting alchemist Andellian Direbrew. It’s said he ran from room to room igniting the munitions that were created for the fortresses defense cackling as he did so, Hardly anyone within the walls survived. When he was finally hunted down a few years later He was tarred and feather with no trial by the newly appointed king Knellhain. After the loss of their stronghold The lord Knellhain (Who was not yet king) took command of a battalion of men he rallied himself and led a charge on the necromancers army hoping to meet the fray at the provinces border. Instead he came across a very peculiar sight, a large tree growing from the ground with reddish purple leaves. The tree drew him in and he found it had magical power within it he felt for the first time hope to win rather than just delay the oncoming army. He diverted its waters and met the undead horde beneath its branches.

It is said that he stood stalwart there and called out the necromancer to meet him in a duel, the necromancers hubris had become so much that he agreed, and as he walked to the battle ground and charged at the king he found his dark magic had waned beneath the trees power. Feeling cheated his army advanced but their line was broken easily by the radiating magic of the tree. The battle waged for three days, the valiant blood that was spilled that day cause the tree to grow with each passing of the sun, its magic growing with it, the king was locked in mortal combat with his foe, but on the third day the necromancer fell to his sword. The king Tore off the necromancers head before that day and held it high for all to see. As he did the remaining dredges of the necromancers horde retreated to the wilds and the battle was won.

The Knellhain line to this day rules over Alcarin the Capitol City and home to the great tree.

Uncovering the Truth

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