Uncovering the Truth

Story so Far

The story so far is that.
You were a wandering adventurer and in your travels to one of the towns in the province of Edonia a man accosted you asking if you would like to buy a ticket for a lottery to win a fabulous prize; a ruby that would not fit in your fist if you held it! Upon winning the draw you found you had to still compete in a contest held in the provinces capital Alcarin. The contest was to find the ruby hiding in one of the cities taverns the blue canary. Spending the night and not finding the stone you were all roused by an attempted assassination some of the cities heads of state were attending the contest in disguise which led to one of their deaths. the killer escaped. So you searched the city joining forces with Samuel du fine the head of state in charge of the couriers. After which the killer came after you, so finally you came up with a brilliant plan to root the assassin out, by staging an attack on the Paleos tower you planned on having the assassin attack the heads of state while their attention was diverted towards your battle. It worked! But in a different way than you hoped, the assassin broke into the tower and made off with more courier uniforms, but this time didn’t get away. Now aquatinted with Decimas Laughterhaus, and Sonya the white eye, you turn your would be assassin into an ally, the friend of my enemy etc. u find that she is being black mailed by a man living in Darkloc, Timothy Bashforth! You try to enter his manor undetected but are caught and Sonya flips the switch saying she brought you there, Timothy takes you into a deep mine containing a dungeon rife with trials in hopes that you will retrieve an ancient artifact of untold power for his use. Upon traveling through its depths you found the artifact gone all that remained was a note from an infamous order of the endless dragon famed for being excellent warriors. Here at the exit to the dungeon you meet with A paladin who has been looking for you. Upon returning to the manor of timothy Bashforth you find Sonya has killed him trying to interrogate him into revealing the location oh her sister. After he is dead you spend the night in the cotton wood inn and get quite rambunctious. Afterward you venture out and speak with a bard who tells you Timothy had many late night meetings with couriers who seem nefarious. You tell stories and make merry and decide to head out and send a letter to timothy before word of his death reaches the capitol.

Something of a background since this has come up a few times.

Everyone knows that hundreds of years ago There was an evil necromancer that came from the east conquering all of the continent that is Edonia currently. This Necromancer was known only as Sculdophene. He came from beyond the borders in the wild lands and hoped to cross the land spreading plague and diseases. as the people would died he would bring them back with foul black magic. Soon he enacted this on the east lands and amassed an army; it seemed he could not be stopped.

Edonia was not as well developed as it is today the port of elder crest had barely been established and only scarce populations of farmers and towns existed. When word swept across the land that the necromancer was pushing out to the sea many fled. But those who could not pay their way aboard the vessels from the port of elder crest were to be given refuge in the Dwarven hold of Sterkreach. Hundreds of thousands made their way to the castle built in the mountain, but just as many thought their plight was over and they had found refuge with the Dwarven brethren, the keep was destroyed from the inside by a massive explosion the likes of which has never been recorded. It destroyed the very mountain that the keep was home to.

The single peek of Mount Mingol was split in two creating the two renamed mountains Umgak and Baraz, This was the foul deed of the kings consorting alchemist Andellian Direbrew. It’s said he ran from room to room igniting the munitions that were created for the fortresses defense cackling as he did so, Hardly anyone within the walls survived. When he was finally hunted down a few years later He was tarred and feather with no trial by the newly appointed king Knellhain. After the loss of their stronghold The lord Knellhain (Who was not yet king) took command of a battalion of men he rallied himself and led a charge on the necromancers army hoping to meet the fray at the provinces border. Instead he came across a very peculiar sight, a large tree growing from the ground with reddish purple leaves. The tree drew him in and he found it had magical power within it he felt for the first time hope to win rather than just delay the oncoming army. He diverted its waters and met the undead horde beneath its branches.

It is said that he stood stalwart there and called out the necromancer to meet him in a duel, the necromancers hubris had become so much that he agreed, and as he walked to the battle ground and charged at the king he found his dark magic had waned beneath the trees branches. Feeling cheated his army advanced but their line was broken easily by the radiating magic of the tree. The battle waged for 3 days, the valiant blood that was spilled that day cause the tree to grow with each passing of the sun, its magic growing with it, the king was locked in mortal combat with his foe, but on the third day the necromancer fell to his sword. The king Tore off the necromancers head before that day and held it high for all to see. As he did the remaining dredges of the necromancers horde retreated to the wilds and the battle was won.

The Knellhain line to this day rules over Alcarin the Capitol City and home to the great tree.

Continuing on with the story; Upon Visiting the rockkeg in Wet Rock Cove and helping out an injured man you found, you decide to forge onward to pikertdon, then laudriff you witness many holy clerics walking into the lake of runnoff and purifying the run-off from the city with magic. You encounter resistance at the gate to the city. Alcarin is still under lockdown! You try to send a message to Johnson Sandsmith Captain of the guards, you do this to the great displeasure of Samuel Dufine who intercepts the message and brings you to him instead. You speak of what you found in Darklok and your plan to send a message to Timothy Bashforth Samuel Dufine nominates his personal Courier Anna to deliver the missive. He also recognizes the name, A strange letter addressed to his Long dead Aunt Dorothy written almost entirely in code, You also hear word of a strange ritualistic murder happening in the city with an even stranger sigil being drawn with the blood of the impaled victim. Curently you plan on following Anna out of the city as she delivers the message hoping to encounter this shady courier that seemed to be in contact with Bashforth.

After Farrell spoke with an artificer from the mages guild he recognized that the arm was part of a adamantine golem, these are rare in the world and as such he realized that this must be one of the six golems that the king had commissioned to guard the pieces of the ancient and evil necromancer Sculdophene., and that it was resting in the place of sculdophenes dismembered arm more than likely causing the exit to the dungeon to close after whomever took the accursed thing from the cradle. Hearing this news the party quickly decided that chasing a mystery courier was not on the top priority. So after deliberation they agreed to reveal themselves as no longer dead and the news of the robbery to the council the next time they convene. in the meantime they took interest in the recent murders that have the city on its toes. The ritualistic nature forced them to go to the source, the very murdered corpse that had already been buried. Using a spell to speak with the dead they found that the person was taken to a “deep dark down” place and that the victim did not know its killer. This led the group to the sewers being the next logical step. Speaking with the city planner they found a way to navigate the sewers with a map from the library. They also figured out with the help of a mage that there were twelve symbols drawn around the ritualistic circle. The players encountered a man speaking in a language indiscernible from anything, dispel magic did nothing and neither did discern language. After dropping him at the nearest church for healing they thought that having a few army trained soldiers on their side when they head into the sewers would be a lot better than just the four of them. They met with the man in charge of the city’s army and he reluctantly decided that sending the new recruits into the sewer would benefit them. The players were minding their business within the town square during the festival day when a commotion rose up; following it they were led to the site of another ghastly murder. A gnome staked through the spine only two days since the last occurred. Again speaking with it they discerned two things that he “fell asleep”, and that the reason he was taken is because “the tree made him sick.”

Now they wait for the morning’s light at 0800 hours the group of untrained soldiers will walk the sewers and at 12:00 the council will convene and all the players discovery’s so far will be brought to their light.

This was a fucking long sesh——————————————-
Early in the morning the group awoke and walked through the market to the temple of Sarenrae to check on the man that they institutionalized. They found him quite cured but his predicament far graver than they had initially realized. He had in his possession a small piece of metal that was cursed when a detect evil spell was cast upon it the paladin he was stunned by the amount of evil possessed within it. More than likely this was a piece of the greatest evil in the lands known history Sculdophene. The man was simply trying to express his predicament to the people within Alcarin but could not figure out why none of them would hear his words. Apparently one night he walked into the great forest and found this piece of metal off the main road a ways as he was hunting, the piece called to him and he picked it up. From there he blanks and awakens in blood, a man was murdered beneath him, more than likely by his hand, the man’s eyes and tongue torn out, they were nowhere to be found afterwards and he felt sick to his stomach so he wandered into Alcarin, this was nine or 10 days ago. The item resisted his every urge to be tossed away and he felt himself compelled to hold it close.

The priest tries to dunk it in holy water and it simply boils away the barbarian and the paladin hear its evil call for a brief moment before the priest Danoru Ghaill collects it in a small box.

Afterwards they learn a little about the hunter named John Worid that he lives on the outskirts of fleet grove in the forest a little illegally he comes to the city even though he technically is not a resident of fleet grove. He is also very torn up for having committed the murder as he did.

So the group waits and sends a message to Helmwrecker to see how long it will take to explore the sewers. He answers that it may take a week to search them entirely he only has 20 men to do so, later they see a group marching with a commander that they assume is the group to sweep the sewers.

Later yet they see the familiar site of the couriers running to their posts to deliver the news, this was the news
WANTED! Dead or alive A bounty of 5000 gold pieces has been issued for the capture or disposal of any cultists that may be practicing the dark arts in our fair city. Anyone who has any information as to the location or any strange activity happening within our walls is to speak with Johansson Sand smith as soon as possible. Residents are not to fear the cultists but for the safety of the public a curfew has been issued on the city’s residents anyone who is out passed eight bells in the afternoon will be detained and questioned. This is for your safety.

For the first time in 32 years the posted military is being mobilized on the lower sewers to root out any monsters that may be residing inside.

A funeral for the victim of yesterday’s tragic murder will be held late tonight in the city center shortly after lunch where the procession will take and bury the body of Orean Delfune, may the gods watch over his soul.

Jearald Nénharma is looking for a party to venture out on his behalf speak with him in his place of residence tonight and you will be well rewarded for your services.

Wanted supposed adventurers as enemies of the realm, not to be approached or fought, caution extremely dangerous “detailed names Patrick Pale Pour, Gagronak, Merca, Theos of the west, Liteph Vexed son” report their whereabouts to the city guard.

The players take it that they are wanted for heinous crimes and send a missive to Johanson Sandsmith detailing the what the fuck of the situation, and say they will be at the bakery of cooks kitchen and palettes carnival. Gagronok finds it pertinent to see why the bakeries were fighting and manages to actually solve their dispute. Right before the guards catch up to them, they surround the place and ask the group to drop their weapons, but before most of them do magical walls of stone appear in the path of the guards, the players (Except the alchemist) run through the back of the palettes carnival and make their way back to the rats nest and speak with Andrea (the bartender) and Ciqua(the rouge usually playing cards) they tell them that an enemy of the state is a friend of theirs when they show them the white eye pins received from the frog man, Andrea even tells them that they can stay there for free. So with the help of Ciqua they don disguises and travel to the place they believe the alchemist is being held. Thaos manages to establish a whispered connection to the alchemist and speaks for a while, the alchemist then leads them into a trap where the guards pincer around Theos and Liteph. Gagronak springs from the alley and crushes a guard with his mace, Thaos burns most of the guards and liteph fells one as well. Johanson steps out to demand the three to lay down their weapons, reluctantly the group is captured. When they are thrown in the same jail cell as the alchemist they attack him and eventually guards rush to the scene and a jailhouse brawl ensues with Liteph trying to strangle a guard and much injury after which they are separated and tried in the low courts. They plead their case to the judge and after a few key witnesses (Johnson and Samuel) the group is given the day to send messages and prepare for high court, rather than send any messages they receive one.
The letter is from Kanig the rogue in the white eyes they met before, asking the group to come and meet him outside the city tomorrow afternoon and he would take him to his home in the swamp, where the undead have begun to rise.
The group spends the night in holding cells.

The next day after a bit of atonement and a bit of deliberation the court rules that they are not guilty of treason but both Liteph and Gagronok are guilty of murder, the sentence is hard labor for them 1 week each tilling the fields. The others are expected to turn in Sonya the white eye a famous Assassin or clear her name entirely by proving the existence of her sister and that she was under influence of timothy bash forth blackmailed into the murder of one of the heads of state.

The group finally is free to go otherwise; the court takes a small bit of hair from each of them to keep an eye on them wherever they may go.

The group exits the courthouse and retrieves their equipment, the only thing missing is the arm from the golem. After liteph and gagronak receive messages detailing their duties in the fields for the next week, the group decides to investigate the zombie threat in darklock, they speak with Sandrella Kirksmane to arrange passage out of the city. They then seek out troops to fight in gagronak and litephes place, they find a group of adventurers willing to accompany them for a price. With the help of the head of immigration the group and friends make their way past the gate. Upon meeting with kanig along the main road he details the problem. The group travels by cart to the city of darkloc and finds it under heavy guard from the undead threat. They then proceed into the swamp and with the help of the other party they fish out the evil piece of metal from the sand pit. Then they set out to speak with Sonya directly. Sonya listens to their progress so far but becomes irate when she hears that they may be under the powers of a scrying spell, and if so had led the Alcarin city muscle right to the secret hideout in the swamp. The group abandons the swamp post haste and notices an even larger guard presence at the town of darkloc but don’t stick around long enough to see if they are the cause. Liteph and Gagronok have their own problems as they toil in the field a few attempts to steal grain are made some are more successful than others, they learn of an order that worships an owl dragon that sets upon the grain often, the Dracowls make it their business to steal grain more effectively and the two party members might have even spotted the owl. No sooner is this learned than Gagronok finds how Amy was created apparently a wizard named Taros the mad is one for combining life forces together and said to reside in a tower in the great forest. Cultists continue to kill, and their tunnel to the sewer was located though the cultists are still at large. Johnson Sandsmith has been fired and now the cites guard will be absorbed into the military. The party returns to Alcarin with the shard in tow, tho this time when the father drops it in holy water it barely fizzles, it seems that the negative energy from the shard was absorbed into the crystal ball that Darren aka ferril aka Patrick had in his bag with it. He also has to drink a horrible substance in reparation to the other party for not paying them.

I’m gonna retcon some time stuff 25 days have passed since your group first entered the city in hopes of glorious treasure.
for the past nine days cultists have killed every night later tonight ill post their names and stuff

so it went like this u arrived on a wednesday
thursday you met with dufine and got passport kinda things
friday an attempted assasination(tiger)
saturdaystage an attack on paleos tower
sunday find you r mace is sentient win some money
monday fake your deaths
tuesday spend the night on the road
wednesday spend the night in the great swamp
thursday enter the dungeon
friday darcloc bar fight
saturday on the road meet a dude hoo was buried
sunday leave that dude in wet rock cove
monday night on the road
tuesday arrange entrance to alcarin(cultists)
wednesday find out their symbol and stuff
thursday speak with the dead
friday speak with the dead
saturday find the meaning of the arm
sunday help a crazy guy and get a shard of ebil
monday find that you are criminals get arrested bakery stuff
tuesday u are on trial
wednesday you get off scott free( most of you)
thursday first day hard labor (dracowls)
friday returns with the other shard drinks like some shit
saturday darren reveals himself to a head of state!
next game will take place on a sunday.

Today Darren decided that he wanted to reveal himself to a member of the twelve heads of state. It went better than he planned because he didn’t get horribly murdered but the head of state in charge of law asked him for a pint of blood and she made sure that the people who may have been scrying did not report him to the authorities.
Farrel reluctantly pays the blood price. Gagronak and liteph encounter zombies that apparently originated from a small unnamed town north of fleetgrove. The party met a wizard in the rats nest who wants to flee the city. She seems to be in trouble for selling goods illegally in the city and hopes to sneak her and her cohorts out of the city the next day.

Today Sunday your group awoke early while Gagronak and Merca tended the fields hoping to encounter zombies they actually encounter an Oge. Merca having received a boon from a mysterious benefactor made short work of the monster with Gagronak dealing the killing blow. As they returned to the town the threat of the zombies still loomed so they sought to gain leave from their duties and travel. During the day Farrel smuggled the three wanted people out of the city in his bag of holding, he says his good byes to them and they even ask him to join their band, he reluctantly declines as they are heading to sterkreach for “treasure hunting”. Rejoining the party at the rats nest late in the night he seeks out the source of the zombies north of fleet grove with them. The group makes camp along the great forests road that night. Next monday morning As they pass through the area of fleetgrove, they hear tails of people being snatched by bandits and some that just go missing, it seems the zombies that came from the small town were the ones that gagronak and liteph fought in the fields earlier that week. When someone was put on watch at the graveyard that night they find him missing in the morning. Tho as it turns out he was not missing but was turned into a raccoon, Merca dispels his enchantment and all he has to say is that a green monster was the one who did it.
You will level up approx 5 games from now
its Tuesday when we left off early morning, you have been in game for 28 days counting tuesday
After dispelling the raccoon and turning him human, your group was joined by a ranger named sylus orl he is a bounty hunter in search for farrel fellmix. A lord that runs a few small towns north of alcarin past the immigration checkpoint hired him. Apparently Farrel Stole supplies from another alchemist and was wanted alive. In the end with deliberation farrel agreed to send a pair of goggles to the man and a letter convincing him that he was no more. So with Sylus in tow they rally the townsfolk in the long hall. While everyone is filing in out of the rain they give Sylus a bit of backstory as to their current situation, they talk with the towns folk and tell them about the threat stating that it would be a whole lot safer to all stay under one roof. They also notice a fairly powerful evil aura emanating off of one of the towns folk. Apparently Mellisa Fendrick the wife of Andrew Fendrick had been killed, and by his own eyes he swears to have seen her ripped to shreds. But despite this she seemed to be alive and well and had been staying with the Priest Melvin for the past four weeks. She blamed the loss of their son four weeks ago on the fathers distress.With her strong evil aura she wasn’t fooling anyone the players talked with her and led her back to her own house and there murdered her when they discovered she was a hag in disguise, everyone was gathering supplies to spend the night in the long hall under guard of a man named patches who was wandering and finding shelter from the rain, patches is a bald man with a goatee and carries a halberd and a fairly big shield he seems capable enough to guard the towns folk and agrees to for a modest price. The players bring the head of the hag to the graveyard and stick it on a pike the ranger cuts her stomach open and finds small teeth. Knowing what it is they are up against the players make camp close to the entrance of the long hall as Liteph guards them over the night the rain clears up and is replaced by a dense fog. When day breaks the body and head are gone from the pike and grave respectively. They have a lead but rather than tracking the hag first its decided they would wait for more of their party before engaging the threat. They wait and talk and a mage comes to collect blood from Darren The mage is none other than the head of the mages guild, and a few black skeletons attack the group near the long hall. They give the swords they had to patches as to arm the peasants. When Gagronak returns from the forest he is covered in blood as per usual after facing what he believes were cool ranch dressing elementals.; small furry ones. The group feeling up to the task tracks the trail that the body left right to the mouth of a cave only a twenty minutes away from the town cautiously they descend and find the cave runs very very very deep. Well underground after a decent for an hour or so they encounter a room filled with stone statues and a large metal disk in the centre of it. Striking the disk with a stone the party encounters a gorgon from a path beyond and after a short battle the gorgon is defeated so they decide to strike the gong a second time ruining it in the process and try to lay an ambush for whatever may be coming but the hags appear right beside the players having used invisibly to sneak by. Battle ensues and after a short while the hags fall. With them defeated the players walk through the rest of the sprawling complex and find five children behind a metal door and a large furnace. The furnace has a pipe running straight up to the ceiling they free the children and explore the rest of the tunnels it would seem as though the threat had been removed. So after exploring extensively and finding a few trinkets they return the children to their homes and the fog when they return to the surface has completely dissipated.

Also Patches was no where to be found when the group returned he left shortly after the party went into the forest.

They then spend the next eight days in constant crafting mode Gagronok making a breastplate for himself from gorgon hide and Darren making flesh to stone potions. After the eight days they descend into the cave once more to free the stone people. As they do they run into the dellema of whether it would be safe or not to bring a man who seems to have a large bite taken out of his head back from his stony grave. In doing so they cause the man much distress and screaming and when he is finally healed he is catatonic but alive. Gagronak sees his terrible state and decides his being dead would be a more peaceful existence rather than his current one.

You will level up in approximately 4 games from now
Its friday and you have now been in game for 38 days

So after healing the statues to life you set out on the road to alcarin hoping to speak with the architect Mathias Gianto about the possiblility of building a bar. Along the road you encounter Sonya and Decimas, who dispel the scrying currently placed on you and relay all the bad that has befallen them.
The white eye clan has fled the swamp after the army continually marched in and managed to capture 5 prisoners, Kanig among them. She asks of you to get a set of thieves tools to Kanig in whatever cell he might be currently rotting in.

At you request she relocate her clan to the cavern in the great forest where the witches were hiding out.

You arrive in Alcarin and hear of Kanigs capture and hire Ciqua to get him out Fellmix gains favor with the mages and Sylus gets a bounty in Eldercrest, Merca is mysterious.

Liteph visits the temple of Iomede and asks for advice finding himself in a crisis of faith. The group speaks with the architectect Mathias learning that paying taxes on the kings land is really all that bars them from setting up shop, though their question of a starter fund was in a word denied.

The whole time they were in Alcarin Merca was very mysterious (as usual).

Finally the group leave the city (not before hearing the news that five white eyes have escaped the jail in the night) towards Laudriff. To further converse on Litephes religious fate while Fellmix has his own machinations. Gagronok simply confers that making ashtrays out of priest skulls is far better than any other skull.
They leave Laudriff late in the day the make camp along the road from Alcarin to Fleetgrove and are accosted by Darkstalkers, creatures from the forest.

The next day they make contact with the white eyes currently living in the covens old cave.

Sonya dispels the scrying again and speaks to them about possibility of clearing her clans slate clean and or faking their death. This stirs up despondency between the group.

Sonya says she would even be willing to kill bandits and pass them off as white eyes for the group but no definite conclusion was reached as to whether or not this would be necessary or helpful, or a good thing.

The group continues on to elder crest each in pursuit of their own goals and arrive late in the night more than likely with only a few hours to spare before the scrying on them returns.
Liteph darren and gagronok take off to the singing mermaid and visit with DAniel Direbrew Darrens uncle, they talk to him about their quest and darrens bloodline, he eventually begrudgingly agrees to helping your group due to wanting to kick skuldophenes eventual ass.

The group finds a drunken man with a hook for a hand and retrieves the long lost chesterfield that everyone though was lost. and get a night of drinking out of it. Liteph meets with the man who basically raised him.

That same night sonya visits liteph in his sleep and brings him the orb from darrens bag, she believes that liteph should look after it.

Later you are all awoken to strange sounds and as you walk into the hallway of The Horseman’s Saddle you see a woman standing before you emanating a bright light and dressed head to heel in white with glowing white eyes and impossibly golden hair, she speaks “Time has grown restless and Enemies grow near”

transports you back to the circus tent where the first vision occurred, you enter again into the gypsies tent and witness her fortune telling of sorts,-

-she gives you a vision of a white bone dagger coated in blood and sonya skulking within a prison murdering a guard and then releasing a prisoner.

-she gives you a vision of a small ball of parchment busting into flames, and a screaming scene of chaos where fire raged all around you in some large city.

-she gives you a vision of a powerful seed sprouting instantly, and standing at the edge of a great pool of water staring up at a large tree on a hill, the image reflected in the water is entirely different the tree is knarled and dead bearing obviously rotten fruit. the image is disturbed in the calm pool by a great gust of wind and the white clouds above the tree turn black to storm, a image of a giant black skull is formed in the clouds and as the swirling black engulfs everything you all awake in the hallway but there is no one around but eachother.

You take the orb down to the water side, du duna duh, and liteph shatters it with his smite evil in the process you are peppered with shards of crystal tho liteph confirms no evil remains.

Darren meets with a man who knows the foreborn and offers his services as a poison crafter, and the group sets out to gather ingredients to make a few TEARS OF DEATH which is a very expensive poison to craft. as the group braves the great swamp to gather ingredients they have a run in with a manticore.

They return to the city and let darren get to work crafting, in the meantime the group contacts patches at the salty barnacle “no sign of sylus”

Patches agrees to take the group to what he believes is a key to another key which opens a dungeon.

three days pass and mersa is very mysterious at the end of the three days they meet with the foreborn and sell the two doses for a large sum

The same day they travel with patches to a cave high in the mountains, they climb to the hidden mouth and traverse down across two bridges to a pedestal detailing a place in the swamp that will be opened by a strange glass cylinder with an end that tapers inwards to a gloopy black substance and a large metal disk with a hole in it. They pay patches and are on their way.

Deep in the great swamp in the middle of the white eyes old camp they find a wall with a large spike jutting out of it and pointing generally upwards, placing the metal disk around the spike and the cylender atop the spike the cylinders contents spill into the disk and hum, a crack in the stone appears in the shape of a door and swings open.

The group descends deep into this place and more than likely 9000 feet below the surface they come to an opening and another map. the map on the wall shows the location of three other points around Edonia, and the pedestal from the cave in the mountains.

As they return to ground level they encounter a young black dragon, and defeat it ripping off the claws and horns they quickly shove it into darrens bag and make their way back to Elder crest.

Striking a second deal they sell the dragons corpse to a person willing to farm its parts, they sell the dragon as a whole for 1015 gold pieces which is the total worth of it.

its now October 28th, Friday nearing the harvest festival.
On October 29th while they are a meeting with Mister Winthrop, their foreborn contact sylus comes to the door seeking the location of a man who may have hired Foreborn Muscle. The group rejoins with him now questing for his quarrel.

And track him to a bar on the north side of town, asking the bartender about him they go to his room but receive no answer. They decide to wait around for him but even late in the night still no luck, The bartender learning they were bounty hunters and allows them in his room. they find a shipping manifest for crates of lumber and learn of the ship most likely he will be sailing out on in three days.

No one comes to collect anything from the room unfortunately, until a young man enters the bar and does something suspicious, he simply drinks an ale and leaves.

The group figures he must be one of the goons that the bounty hired. They pursue him for a while but when it becomes obvious he is leading them in circles they return to the bar, only to find that the room has been cleaned out.

Having missed him they go and investigate the Boat named Betsy and Captian Mossie a Salty Sea dog who tells them after some hard persuasion, he is planning to receive three more crates of lumber from the north store house. Having found the false name Yallie, that the bounty was using they investigate the store house he is renting. The guards allow them in when they hear they are pursuing a bounty.

The group investigates the crates to find that they are carrying no normal lumber, but Groven lumber a Extremely strong wood that is also light, not mention worth about five times as much as normal lumber.

Knowing that Yallie cannot escape for two days they decide to take rest in the Horses Saddle,
On October 30th Sunday they receive word from the Telvintra Official at the north storehouse to see him in the morning. When they do they find that since the lumber was marked as regular wood it was required to pay much more tax on exporting the newly found out groven lumber, if Rindor/Yallie could not pay the tarrif they would need to sieze the lumber.

It would seem Yallie/ Rindor had become Land locked, plus the city was after him and now it was a race for our group to catch him first. They return to Capin Mossie to find him being questioned and his crew fled. So the adventurers question him, he passes Sylus a secret note under the guise of sending him to receive his telescope from the bloated toad.

The note reads: “The child’s Spelling test is in front of the coffee table in the Bloated Toad” The group proceeds to the Bloated toad, and finds a note in front of the coffee table.

“Dear Yallie I have finished grading your spelling test and would like to meet with you at eight o clock in the High Court Garden”


The group puzzles for a while over this note and realizes that the Capitol Letters within the note spell out


As they are puzzling a Very Confused Red headed Dwarf Stands by the coffee Table that they received the note from. Along with five other men it could be no one but Rindor!

So the group engage in Melee and defeat the group disabling the hirelings and Rindor, only managing to kill one of the five hired hands. Afterward the guards Comes and thanks them and allows them to leave with their Bounty.

So after a bit of shopping and a nights Sleep the group gets ready to set out back to Alcarin, but when they awake they find that their cart has been stolen. The innkeeper initially is reluctant to tell the adventurer’s anything but when push came to shove explained that when the foreborn tell you that you saw nothing you saw nothing.

It is now October 30th Monday

So The group kicks down the door of mister Winthrop’s house and finds that the foreborn were unhappy to hear one of their man death at their hand so decided to send a message. The cart after some tracking was set free outside the city gates and had run into the great swamp.

The group decides to pursue it, and finds one of their horses dead at the hands of what seemed to be a Peluda, they also decide it would be best to just leave. So they purchase another wagon and horses. Now Gagronok and Ferril ride the cart. Sylus rides his own horse, and Liteph after making a tough decision calls his god Ragathial, and not Callistra, as such his wasp was replaced with a Griffin. Whether or not Callistra is happy about this is yet to be seen, but he rides on it.

The group continues to Alcarin but finds on the road blocked by a felled tree with an Ogre under it. they lift the tree free from it and allow it to continue on its way.

Arriving at Alcarin they are let in and Slyus turns in the bounty, to the Alcarin Axes for 1500 Gold pieces.

They sleep and the next day and on October 31st Tuesday they settle out with the court paying 10,000 gold for the two resurrections, they receive the pieces of themselves and are set free. They speak with Mathias Gianto about building of the bar and where it shall be. The consensus would be Eight hours ride outside of Alcarin between it and Warren’Hag.

On November 1st Wednesday they wait while Farrel has dinner with the Head Magistrate, Liteph visits the two men that they killed while Gagronak sells a few goods. Then after eight they head out to the location of the first dungeon as told by the wall in the great swamp, nearest to the spot that they are building the bar at.

After a walk through the Great Forest and a short encounter with a part fiendish minotour the group finds themselves by a large group of hollow stone rectangles leading into the earth. They make camp for the night outside the structure.

November 2nd Thursday

They enter into the deep dungeon and contend with a few traps, they wander into a room with many cages for monsters, with steep inclines leading out to the surface. Defeating the monsters locked within they proceed to a room with deep pit traps, and a book detailing some strange type of game similar to chess that involves actual combat as well as strategy.

After this room they are confronted with a cylinder made to bludgeon the not so athletic that enter it, crossing this they come to a large cap in the ground that has a deep hole beneath it. Upon removing the cap a door opens leading to a pedestal with white light. When they enter, this rooms floor begins to cook and boil beneath the groups feet so Grognak being the fastest retrieves the focus of the room, a small piece of what appears to be an arrow with many thin pieces of metal branching off from the shaft.

The rooms floor is quickly becoming lava so the group decides to replace the cap shutting the door, but as water spews up from the hole it takes both Liteph and Gagronak plus Ferril Jumping on it to defeat the waters pressure. The group seeing that the door has begun to glow red after shutting it opts to go a different path than the way that they have come.

Heading through this other door is a set of huge crumbling stairs, climbing these the group comes to a room that is partially caved in , then they come to a peculiar room. In the center is a short column that is jutting from the ground and the column comes up to make the shape of a wheel and in the center of it is a pulsing cube.

One of the walls has what resembles a large vault door, upon deciding to turn the wheel the group is bombarded with a concussive forces from the cube that grow stronger until they eventually unlock the tumblers of the vault door.

Here we find the game room, the game is detailed in the book that Ferril found in the room with two pit traps.

Late November 2nd Thursday your group enters the room.

Once I’m home I will detail the contents of the book.

on the first day in the game room the players remove 3 of the pieces fighting against Stalks horrible skeletons covered in dark shadows their strength drain proves powerful so they rest for the night

november 3rd friday

the group fights another few skeletons but take a fair bit of damage and decides to rest for eight hours

after a few more fights they decide to sleep for 8 more hours

After defeating the most powerful of the monsters a door opened to a sentient book that can cast divination spells the group exfiltrates the dungeon by climbing out of a collapsed area.

they trek back to the settlment of their bar and rest for the night.

November 4th saturday

the group heads to alcarin and sells their loot

sunday november 5th gagronok wins a few of the city games and liteph and gagronok talk to the head of the mages guild and the head of law within alcarin sylus is having a rough day for an unkown reason

monday november 6th the group wakes and travels to the bar site

Tuesday november 7th liteph takes a bandit into the city and sells a few magic items and the group arrives in warren’hag sylus carves his mothers initals into shit

Wednesday november 8th the group buys flying mounts and leaves merca with the cart and sylus flys overhead watching the cart as it travels to the encampment where the bar will be, sylus then joins them in alcarin

The group arrives in alcarin 8 hours flight from from the immigration checkpoint farrel meets with swimp and bloach in the sloppy hogg and liteph meets with an old friend in the crystal bear, Tholtig Platinum Slab a dwarf wizard women

sylus negotiates a deal with the alcarin axes to take 5% off a bounty that is taken up in the black dragon adventuring party bar.

the group hears that there is some stange stuff going on at the location of the bar so they investigate and find a fairly large complex beneath their build site. decending in they destroy a stone golem guarding a magic shield but other than that find not very much of merit in the dungeon.

november 8th wednesday bought some items and went after the peluda.

november 9th thursday the group tracks and kills a peluda but two dragons attack in its wake, the dragons try to speak with gagronok who draws their attention and gagronok fought bravely but was nearly killed in the battle, at the hight of the moment he teleported away with barley any life left to speak of.

afterward the two dragons follow the group to their home base and have a short battle the dragons realizing it was not worth their effort leave and expounding “You know not what wrath you have wrought upon yourselves.” the group with all the builders in their underground cavern remail alive for now.

Quell the workers fears and spend the night at the camp and sleep the night away

November 10th the group travels to alcarin to buy a few scrolls then make their way to the port of elder crest in order to see off gagronoc off back to the orc continent.

They sleep beneath the open skies and gagronoc speaks to the group of what the dragons wanted they wanted the bow to be destroyed rather than found.

November 11th sat
The group comes to the peludas cave and delves down into the slimy depths, when they find the hoard it contains


as they exit the cave they are surrounded by three dragons one black one green and one gold the gold one identifys itself as Ordel, the combined group causes the party to waver and speak to the dragons rather than fight. the dragons speak to them and offer the gold value of the dragonslayer greatbow to the group for its destruction. the group agrees and liteph swears honour bound to destroy the bow when it is found.

November 12th DArren crafts and liteph plans, he orders an adamantine falchion from the group in elder crest known as Queslo family it will arrive on the 18th of november

13th darren crafts and the group stalls

14-craft tuesday

17th of november friday darren completes the posion for the foreborn and sells it to them liteph has his wizard friend Tholtig cast a locate object spell and finds it deep within one of the store houses the north one to be presice he Vies to steal it back so that no more deaths could be threatened on the other heads of state.

we bid farewell to gagronok as he heads overseas of to the orc land

the group encounters a strange begger on their tail so they give chase the begger changes into a noble women in a crowd of people and evades them the group encounters a city gaurd who is sympathetic to finding the posion they sold the foreborn.

the group decends into the tunnels beneath the northern store house and encouters foreborn they capture one and kill one but the captured one manages to alert the main force of them and draw them to the partys location out numbered and out gunned the party is forced to flee most teleport out, liteph rides out on his mount and captures sully.

Johnny made his way back to the base as the black dragon bar and revealed himself to the party.

Time skip one wek for building magic items

December 7th the bar is complete
This is all what the tavern would include

1 bar 250 GP 6 goods 5 Labour 1 Influence 16 days
1 common. 300 GP 7 goods 8 labour 16 days
1 brewery 380 GP 9 Goods 7 Labour 2 Influence 24 days
1 kitchen 160 GP 4 goods 4 labour 12 days
1 office 120 GP 3 goods 3 labour 12 days
3 storages 220 GP 9 Goods 9 labour 24 days
1 workstat. 300 GP 8 goods 7 labour 16 days
1 lavatory 120 GP 3 goods 3 labor 4 days
2 lodging 430 GP 20 goods 20 labour 2 influence 30 days
1 guardpost 320 GP 7 Goods 6 labour 2 influence 20 days
1 armory 390 GP 9 goods 6 labour 3 influence 16 days
1 bunks 400 GP 7 goods 7 labour 4 influence 24 days
2 stalls 500 GP 12 goods 10 labour 2 influence 32 days

104 goods 16 influence 95 labour = 4460 GP, split 5 ways that’s 892 GP for each of u

the king has met with the elven king, seems he may lend aid to the elves across the ocean

friday 7th of december the group hires 5 lackys 5 guards and 5 beauracrats

The group heads to the forest for the location of one of the knights of the endless dragon dungeons they kill a giant near the mouth and enter

The entrance is a open corridor with three doors and an inscription " Those that only seek treasure shall be lost forever" the group chooses the leftmost door.

They travel from room to room over boiling water, past spinning blades,through an illusion that tried to drown them, and into a room with a rune carved in the floor.

They head to the next room and the next cutting down doors as they go a crstal chandelier explodes in one room and a pool for letting blood in another. they need to carve sixty feet of rock and mechanism to pass on to another room but with the destruction of the mechenism on the way in it’s dangers are now removed. the next room has 5 doors 4 of them are large and imposing behind one a flesh golem behind another a brain ooze,Derro, the final room contains a Amphisbaena Basilisk.

sylus darren and johnny kill the Amphisbaena Basilisk the troupe then tightrope across boiling water and loot a room with a large jaguar mouth trap, then cross a bridge over a huge hole to a teleportation pool, then crossing the bridge, pass through a large room with many traps and rest away in a room with a short pool of water.you entered the next room to find a very nice armchair 2 chests a bookcase and a lamp sconce, they turned out to be mimics the group bested them moving on to the next room a black pudding undulates towards them and they over come it as well, the next room 8 skeleton champions worshiping some type of demonic idol, the room had a passage on to a room with 6 cave fishers and they cook and eat the lot.

The group proceeds through one of the doors they had passed and defeat a lightning elemental and find the camp made by one Donnavan Rindwater who had been crawling through the place for 4 weeks and ammased quite a hoard of gold because of it. They adventure briefly with him and sign him to the adventuring party, the group finds that he is unable to leave by teleportation. and also have investigate the teleportation pool and come to a overland area with trees, it seems as though the group is stuck here until they lose some of their treasure.

After a lengthely time of dropping gold and traveling the group hollows a molten pile of gold as it leads them along the path to the piece of the arrow. they encounter a rust room with another force cube inside it they wrap a whip around the cube and pull it free before reaching the room. they then travel through a group of rooms and finally to the arrow piece that they had been searching for.

The group sells some treasure johnny speaks to the king and everyone hearths home at the bar the group is confronted by a group or orcs from elder crest but push them out of the bar. they were hoping to take them to stand trial for crimes commited in eldercrest but were given a ten day leeway until the trial.

on the night of friday the 14th

Darren contacts Baphomet and ask what litephs true name is during, the ritual Johnny follows darren and casts a spell on him that obscures the name from his ears Baphoment having fufilled his side of the bargin leaves, the two speak and end things in some manner (they are probaly cool now?this might go down again? who knows but they didnt kill eachother) and they both return to the bar.

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