Darryn Direbrew

Lawful Evil businessman of the party.


The scion of an ancient bloodline of skilled alchemists, Darryn Direbrew has as much to answer for as he stands to inherit. Seeing his parents violently killed by a mob of peasants at the tender age of six years old, Darryn was raised by his uncle in Eldercrest until he left to forge his own destiny eight years later. A long series of misadventures and noodle incidents followed, with an equal number of fake names and a brief stint as “Public enemy #1” in a small northern settlement.

Darryn holds nothing but contempt for nigh on the entirety of the continent, but he sees their usefulness in advancing his goals (And, if it’s convenient, a spot of revenge.) He holds his allies in high regard, however, for they are among the only people that don’t view his bloodline as a reason for a messy and slow death.

As self-appointed party treasurer, tactitian, lawyer, chief of research and diplomat, Darryn puts his myriad skills to good use in a variety of settings. His business acumen has proven invaluable in the initial stages of the Black Dragon Adventurers Guild.

Darryn Direbrew

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