Liteph Vexed-Son

A tiefling paladin with something to prove


The son of a human cultist from a desert country in the long-dead continent of Sinderon and the Demon Lord Baphomet, most of the ninety-seven years of this young tiefling’s life was spent leading a gang of dispossessed youths after being kicked out of one of Eldercrest’s orphanages, then as a leg breaker and conman for the criminal organization known as the Foreborn. When he came across the man that would be his mentor, Liteph was introduced to the veneration of the archangel Ragathiel, the Empyreal Lord of chivalry and vengeance.

The life of a paladin has not been easy for the young hellspawn. While his force of personality and willpower lend themselves well to the calling, he constantly struggles with his (most likely very literal) inner demons, the very nature of his existence, and the painful dichotomy of his heritage and the shining hero that he aspires to be. But despite that, he still bears a strong sense of justice and compassion, like any true paladin, and above all seeks to protect the weak from those evil who would prey upon them, acting as an agent of righteous vengeance for those who cannot take it for themselves.

Since joining the party, Liteph acts as the party healer and half of it’s melee force, his Heaven-given powers granting him a deadly edge when fighting the forces of evil. Outside of battle he is a very talented diplomat and natural-born leader, and acts as the moral center for the party, or at least is trying his very best.

Liteph Vexed-Son

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