Randolf the Barkeep

Owner of the Singing Mermaid


Randolf the barkeep is a 40 year old half-elf, he is rather handsome, 6ft tall with brown hair and eyes, though he has lost his left hand, and now has a hook. Randolf loves talking about the time he was a sea captain, most of the adventures are just made up stories though, he has five different tales about how he lost his hand, the best being the time he wrestled a shark. The reality was that a large barrel of smuggled Dwarven fire Ale came loose in a storm and dropped on his hand crushing it against the rail.

Randolf used to be a smuggler he has now retired, he does though, still have many contacts. He is still willing to buy and sell contraband to those he trusts, for the right price of course.


Randolf the Barkeep

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