Sylus Orl

A tracker and Bowman, Finally not the "new guy".


Syluses mother had been 45 when he was born. Now as he turned 27, she turned 72. For a human her age had begun to catch up to her. His father on the other hand had just turned 160.

Sylus returned home one day from a hunt of rare silver stags empty handed. He found to his dismay that neither his mother or father were there. A neighbor explained to him of his father and mothers trip towards the larger town of Elistius on route to the elven capitol. He knew that his was due to his mothers deteriorating health,he had only hoped it wouldn’t have been so soon. Sylus immediately traveled after them with Braxel in tow.

Upon arriving Sylus finds his mother in a terrible state,the illness is mysterious in nature and nothing it seemed could be done. Even His father (While no longer possessing his former druidic magic) could be of no use to her. He sends Sylus out to find a divine healer that might be passing through this larger city.

Sylus searched for two days with no luck before finally catching a tip that a party of holy warriors was passing through the city that afternoon. Sylus went to meet them and their leaders. Unfortunately Augustus the Great, a paladin of Gorum met him with ill will stating that the life of one old women is nowhere near as important as his holy quest. To be gone with him at once and accept mortality as fate.He would not even lend a single cleric to his cause. His final words were “I have been appointed a greater goal than saving one sickly dying woman, my God has given me a call to battle and nothing will impede my journey to answer it”

Sylus was forced to return empty handed with the sad news that no help would be coming. In the final hours of that days withering light the life from his mother withered in turn.

His father buried her under the cemetery trees of her family. And marked the tree with elvish runes and her native Common tongue aas well, May the spirit of Kaytha Orl, continue to heal the sick and wounded as she did throughout her life.
June, 24 1226- November 5 1298

2 years later, Sylus made the decision to leave and departed Eldross with his father’s blessing and Braxl to assist him. He rode out on the super vessel across the sea and made landfall on the Dwarven continent in the city of Eldercrest. After searching for work and moving across the continent he came to the profession of bounty hunting. It was very similar to hunting for Sylus and the appeal of bringing wrong doers to justice was more than met. He made contact with the Alcarin Axes, a bounty organization based out of Alcarin, who helped him find targets; until the city went into lock-down at the death of a nobleman.

Sylus had decided to move on westward to the unexplored land lying beyond the borders of settled Edonia. Before he could however Sylus met a land Baron who was willing to offer him a job for the capture of an infamous criminal. One with a list of false names and a pretty price on his head.

“One more bounty” he spoke to Braxel “then off to our new life of adventure!”

Sylus Orl

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